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Are you new to SUNNYBROOK?

Welcome to Sunnybrook Church. We are glad you took the time to stop by and check out our website. We hope you will find all of the information that you need so that you understand who we are and what we believe as a church. We hope you will find our website helpful when trying to decide on a new church. Below are some additional pages that might make your decision easier or answer some questions. If your question does not get answered, PLEASE EMAIL US at info@sunnybrookbristol.org or feel free to call us. Our contact information is listed under our Contact US page.


We hope our Frequently Asked Questions will answer some of your basicWe want You questions as you take a look around our website about who we are.


Get Involved

We are constantly looking for volunteers to get involved with our church and we do not limit anyone who would like to volunteer to our current ministries or the things that we are currently doing. If you are interested in starting something new, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We would be happy to have all of the help we can get!