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Been Fishing Lately


I have a friend that fishes all the time.  He is constantly investing in the best poles and baits.  He watched countless YouTube videos to improve his skills.  Anything he can do to improve his chances of catching a fish, he is doing.  I have sometimes thought how crazy he is, all this work to catch a fish?  I mean you can get fish at the store with far less work and money!  But there is something about catching a fish, it is exciting.

So when is the last time you went fishing? Jesus went fishing every day.  Maybe not in the sense my good friend does.  Jesus talked about being fishers of men.  To put it simply, Jesus talked about leading people to Him so that they could be saved and enjoy eternal life.  When is the last time you did that kind of fishing?  Keep in mind this is what we are on earth to do.  I once heard someone say; there are only 2 things you can’t do in heaven, sin and lead someone to Christ.  So which one of those do you think Jesus left us here to do?  More importantly, are you doing it?

This seems to be an area many Christians are failing.  They think that going to church, Bible studies and small groups is somehow satisfying God.  It is not!  Those seem to be after thoughts when looking at the Bible.  The Great Commission, Jesus’ life is commanding and showing us how to lead others to Him.  After we become a Christian, the very next step is to witness to others in word and deed and lead them to Christ.  If we aren’t leading people to Jesus, there is really no point in church or Bible study groups.  That is the main focus and responsibility of a church, to train people, recharge people, inspire people to go out and fulfill the Great Commission.  If your not out fishing, then your just keeping an eye on the aquarium.

So when is the last time you went fishing?  When is the last time you felt the unexplainable joy and excitement that comes from leading someone to Christ?  Dust off the rod and reel and get to it, after all, this was Jesus final command to us before leaving us on this earth to continue His ministry.

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