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3 Reasons Your Mom Is Your Best Friend


When I was a baby (less than a year old) my mother and father had an argument. Maybe argument is too soft, they were having a big fight I suppose. I was just a baby so I heard this story second hand, but it seems as though this was a BIG fight. My momma decided to leave. As she walked out the door my father looked at her and said “I hate you, and I hate him (me).” My mom put me in the car and sat in the driver’s seat crying. She reached over, grabbed my hand and said “we only have each other, your my best friend.” My mom was my best friend, and I was hers. As I grew up I didn’t always remember that story. There were times I did not like my mom, times I wanted away from her, times that I dare say; I hated her. However, she never let go of my hand, never quit being my best friend. Below, here are 3 reasons your mom is your best friend (whether you know it or not).

Motherly Love
There is something about a mothers love. I won’t pretend to understand it, but there is a bond between a mother and her child that cannot be explained. I would argue it is the closest example on this earth we have to the love God has for us.

Loyal Love
Guys, you will have girls come in and out of your life. You will or have experienced girls reject you, break your heart, but your mother is the one girl in your life that will never reject you, leave you for someone better or break your heart.
Girls, you experience the drama that only other girls can stir up. You have experienced betrayal, gossip and other girls plotting against you. Your mom is the one girl you can be sure will not do that to you.

Resilient Love
You cannot do anything to get your mom to stop loving you. Most friends in your life, will leave you if you give them a good enough reason. Not the case with mothers. Her love is has a resiliency that is remarkable. No matter how bad you mess up, she continues to love you and support you. Regardless of those times you may hate her, not love her, she loves you. Even in those moments that you wish she would just give up on you, she will refuse. Moms can take that punishment and continue to love you when most everyone else would abandon you. Again, I can’t explain it, I can only report what I have seen

Mothers are amazing. They support you when no one else does, love you when your completely unlovable and believe in you when you may not believe in yourself. Mothers are truly a blessing and I would encourage you to let your mom know what makes her so special to you. As you look back on life, perhaps you can begin to see how your mom was always your best friend.

One last note, there is a growing trend of mothers being absent from their children’s life. If you are one of these kids who have grown up without a mother then you have not experienced this wonderful gift from God to no fault of your own. I pray that this will motivate you to be the kid of parent that this post presents.

What did I miss? Use the comment section below to shout out what you think is special about mothers!

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