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10 Essential Qualities for Leadership

When people are approached about being in leadership of a church, many doubt themselves. They do not believe they have the abilities, the talents or the gifts to work or lead in God’s Kingdom. There are 10 vital things you can possess that will make you a great leader or volunteer in about anything you do and the best news is; they require no talent or giftedness whatsoever. Additionally, as you read the list, you may see some characteristics you do not have. The good news is, many of these things are not qualities you earn or obtain through education, they are qualities you simply choose to have and then work on making them part of who you are through habit. So let’s look at the list.

Here are 10 things that require no talent or giftedness.

1. Preparednesstop10
2. Effort
3. Being on Time
4. Energy
5. Passion
6. Attitude
7. Being Teachable
8. Going the Extra Mile
9. Good Work Ethic
10. Commitment

How many of these things do you need to put into practice? By making a conscience decision, you can make these 10 practices a habit that will help give you confidence and make you an asset to whatever you have committed to.